Circles of Life


Hello all, My next article will be called Circles of Life this month. I will publish it on only. The reason why I will do this is because it will allow us to communicate better. I believe everyone one of us are given one circle of life to manage and have the ability to add others. We must close

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What is coming in 2016


I want to thank everyone for a great year. Again thanks for your comments they are not only encouraging, they are inspiring. My goal is to take our discussion to the next step, as I believe the answers we need are spread within each and every one of us. All we need is the environment where we can work together

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The Revival in America has Already Happened – Part 3


The Revival in America has Already Happened – Part 3 During my last post I discussed how Jezebel had taken control over America by creating its vision of a new family dynamic in the heart of many Americans.  I also shared how Jezebel accomplished this over several decades by seizing control over the leadership of America’s governmental, educational, and religious organizations. In

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At the End of Your Rope


What do SIN, quicksand, and Salvation all have in common? We are all born into this world with a set amount of sand in our hourglass of life. What we do during that time will determine our future. We are all born with a Sinful nature which is like the quicksand of life. We all start out standing in the

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