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Our Keys To Restore America Community is the evangelistic arm of TYMSONW INC. This community is made up of a group of families that seek to build environments where families can be strengthen and restored.

To accomplish this we have developed  social, economic, leadership, and educational programs. We believe by creating tools and resources that strengthen the leadership ability of the parents they will protect and rebuild their families.

Our leadership team has come together under the direction of TYMSNOW’s to provide services that help these organizations develop the social, economic, personal, and leadership skills of their members.

Our leadership team realizes realizes that separately they can only reach so many hurting people, but together they form a holistic solution that can meet the needs of many. Together they have created TYMSNOW’S holistic system.

TYMSNOW’s holistic development system rebuilds communities and people from the inside out.  This is accomplish by creating an  environment that leverages the best God-given talent, skill, and abilities of each individual within each community.

Our Keys To Restore America Leadership Team 

Mr. James Smith Jr.

Mr. Carlo Puller 


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