Our Mission


Our Mission

We strive to create a safe family friendly atmosphere where everyone in the community can share their resources. For this reason we seek to uplift the community though education, mentoring programs and partnerships. Our goal is to place the power back into the hands of struggling families by ensuring the parents have all the resources they need to create healthy stable families.

We believe this blog is not a one way street. Our goal is to have a conversation about the things that matter.This site is designed to unveil the hidden mysteries of God’s kingdom in simplicity.

We believe that as we began to understand these mysteries we can began to live the abundant life Jesus promised. The bible clearly states, “We perish for lack of knowledge”.  Therefore, we set out to not only reveal this knowledge, but to create an environment where this knowledge can be obtained and experienced.

Therefore we have set out to create an environment of sharing. This site is designed as the starting point, to create an environment where the hidden answers in each of us can be used by our Creator to help improve our lives and the lives of others.


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