Friday Night Life


Coming September 11, 2015



Friday Night “Life”


Ministry of Excellence


Where: Hampton Inn,  7300 Atlas Walk Way, Gainesville, VA 20155

When: Every Friday Starting September 11, 2015

Time: 7:PM to 9:PM

To Register for the event please click on this link 

Capacity is limited to 50 people. Seating is first come first serve.

For those that can’t make it to the live events. These events will be streamed live at at a later date.

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Goal – Rebuild Families Biblically

         v Change Classroom format

ü Use Stories to teach the Kingdom

ü Facilitate Discussions at the end of Stories

ü Use the Bible and other credible references to validate stories

ü Create a family friendly atmosphere to encourage unity and fellowship.


Time Frame   Format

7:00– 7:30         Refreshments

7:30– 8:30         Story of the Week

8:30 – 9:30          Discussion


Ø Every Friday Night there will be Story Time & Discussion

o  Childcare  Provided by Teens always accompanied by an Adult

Ø Last Friday will  be End of the Month Fellowship & Recap

o   Food & Drink

o   Fun

o   Adults and Children come together


Friday Night
Life’s Monthly Story Schedule

*Monthly Events TBD

 September~ 2015

Understanding God’s Kingdom

1.     Friday Night Life Overview –9/11/2015

2.    Understanding God’s Kingdom –9/18/2015. 9/25/2015


October 2015

Why the Biblical  Family is the Roadmap to our Spiritual Journey

1.     Why God created the biblical family in the first place

2.    How the biblical family parallels spiritual relationships

3.    Why redefining the biblical family is dangerous to America


November 2015

Why we are saved  – What are we saved from – What are we saved too

1.     Understanding God’s kingdom

2.    How God’s kingdom operated in perfect love from the beginning

3.    What caused chaos to in God’s kingdom

4.    God’s plan to restore His kingdom back to Perfect Love


December 2015

America is Under Satan’s Principality’s Spell

1.     What is a principality, its origin, purpose, function, and power

2.   What is the principality’s main goal for America

3.    How the principality has seized control over America’s governmental, educational,
and religious organizations

4.    What are the effects of the principality in America


January 2015

How God Wants to Restore America 

1.     God wants to restore America from the inside out 

2.    How God wants to restore our souls

3.    How God wants to restore our families

4.   How God wants to restore our community