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To all who have visited this website? I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for your comments and insights. They are very valuable and appreciated. We at Keys To Restoring America believe this blog is not a one way street. Our goal is to have a conversation about the things that matter.

Over the next 6 months I will be writing about several topics we are discussing at Friday Night Life. Starting with “The Revival in America has Already Happened – Part 2” October 25, 2015. Some of topics I will like to discuss over the next 6 months will include:

God’s is looking for a Safe place – This blog will discuss the place where God wants to place his children in these trying times.

Where are the fathers – This blog will discuss how God looks at fathers, and how they are to respond to their children?  You will be surprised as to who the fathers really are.

Revealing the Proverbs 31 bride – This blog will discuss the role of the Proverbs 31 bride in today’s damage culture, and why this bride is so important to the end-time revival God has promised.

Why we are saved, what we are saved from, what we are saved too. – This blog will discuss how God looks at being saved. It will also explore is the right question we need to ask, “Are your saved, or are you born again?”

If this information is vital to you, please forward this blog to everyone you know and encourage them to get involved. We are looking to create an environment of over 1 million people working together for a better life.

Remember our goal is create a two way conversation.  Your opinions are valuable and will help someone else on their journey. Also please keep your comments appropriate for the family. If they are not fit for the family I cannot display them.

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Again, if I have not responded to your comments, please be patient. I am just learning how to work this blog thing. I REALLY APPRECIATE your comments. They are very important to me.  Please fill free to comment on the blogs and I will try to reply. Also please leave a good email so I can reply to you personally.

This information is part of the Keys To Restoring America Series book series I wrote. This book series can be found on This series can also be found in the Connecting to A Safe Place/Media section of this website.

Jimmy Smith