It is Time to Quickly Build the Wall


First of all I want to thank everyone for visiting out Keys to Restoring America Site. This is an exciting time of us as we began to expand further on the subjects we briefly covered in 2015. My goal in 2016 is to become more intimate with everyone. Over the next couple of months I will be announcing a Keys to Restoring America online webcast.

The Webcast will give me a chance to really dig into the mysteries of God kingdom needed for this difficult hour. This webcast will help you understand several important things you will need to protect yourself and your family in our hour of need.

First we will dive into the Word of God to dig out the hidden treasure we need to protect ourselves against the coming storm. For a storm of chaos and terror has griped most of us who are trying to survive these hard times; and many are looking for answers to anger, prejudices, lack, disappointment, and confusion.

As the world is becoming more divided we need to fortify our houses and only the treasure hidden in the Word of God can help. We need a higher level of understanding to find these hidden treasures so we can fight against the onslaught that is coming to attack our families.

That is what this Keys to Restoring America online webcast is all about. It is not just for America it is for anyone who wants to understand why they are here and what their true purpose is all about. For you see only when we are walking according to our God given design can we make the biggest impact in others.

During this webcast we will show you how to find your earthly purpose so you can maximize it to obtain the resources you and your family need. I want you to know that there are people that need you, and only you can help them succeed on their early journey. Yes that is right only you have the intangible gifts and abilities whether it is natural, spiritual, or mental they will need for their journey. And there are people who are created to help you succeed as well. This webcast will help you identify these nature, spiritual, and mental gifts you have been given so you can understand your real value in this life.

Secondly, I will show you how to use the environment I was instructed by the Lord to build that will help you use your gifts and abilities with the people you are designed to use them with. This environment has an online ecosystem. I am building it to give everyone the ability to share resources with the ones they are supposed to in a secure manor. It is a user friendly site filled with the necessary tools need to maximize the resources we have been given. If any tools are missing we will seek to add them to the site as needed to make sure everyone has what they will need to survive against the coming storm. This site can be found at

The Beginning started with a Vision

caveBefore we go on let me share a story that will help you to understand why I am building this environment. It started in the 1990’s when I was given a vision by the Lord. In this vision I found myself in this cave sitting on a chair. This cave was empty and dark, although it was very peaceful and I felt safe. In front of me was an opening that led to outside, and behind me was stairs that lead to the top of the cave, which also led to the outside; as I could see daylight beaming in from both of the openings.

As I was sitting there by myself awhile feeling lonely I decided to go to the opening in front of me to try to find anyone I could talk with. As I stepped out the opening in front of me, I stepped onto a ledge. As I looked around and I could see I was at the top of this mountain with a valley filled with people below me. As I looked down I noticed the people were all standing in rows of readiness as if they were in some sort of army. They were all looking up as if they were looking for instructions.

That is when I heard the Lord give each one of them a task to complete. As the Lord gave them their task they began to cry out. At first I heard one of them say, “Lord how can I complete this task I don’t have the resources, and I don’t where to find them”. Then another one began to cry out, and then another one, until they were all singing the same song with urgency and frustration.

That is when the Lord whispered in my heart the following words; “Son, I hid the resources right next to them but they don’t look, they are like ships that pass in the night”. As I looked the Lords showed me what he meant.

Let me explain. This army of people was getting ready for their greatest battle and needed the Lord’s strategy to win against a formidable enemy. To help this army the Lord gave one of soldiers His battle strategy needed to win this great battle. Along with His battle strategy the Lord gave this soldier additional two tasks. First, this soldier was charged with finding the owner of a publishing company assigned by the Lord that will print the Lord’s strategy. Then, this soldier needed to find the person the Lord has chosen with the money to pay for the material and publishing of the Lord’s battle strategy.

Secondly, I watched the Lord charge the owner of a publishing company with the assignment of printing this strategy. This soldier was also given two tasks from the Lord to complete her mission. She was tasked with finding the one with the Lord’s battle strategy, and the soldier with the money that will fund the purchasing of the material and the printing of this battle strategy.

Finally, I watched the Lord chose another soldier who was given money to fund the purchasing, printing, and distributing of His battle strategy. This soldier was also given two other goals to complete. They were assigned to find the soldier with the Lord’s battle strategy, and the soldier with the printing company who is chosen to print this important battle strategy of the rest of the army.

As I watched the Lord gave each one their mission they each began to cry out in unison, “Lord how can I complete my task, I don’t have the resources and I don’t know where to find them”. The amazing thing is they were each standing right next to each other. For you see the one with the information was standing right next to the owner of the publishing company, and the one with the money was standing in the row directly behind both of the other two. And they never looked at each other, they just kept crying to the Lord for the resources. If they had just looked outside of themselves they would have found what they needed.

Well as I watched the three cry out for help, the Lord whispered in my heart to build the environment where they can share resources. That is when I started to yell down to tell the three of them to look at the soldiers around them, but I was too high up and they could not see or hear me. That is when I thought to myself if I could only get to them I could help them to see that everything they needed is already provided.

That is when I realized there was stairs at the back of the cave that lead through the opening at the top. So I turned around and climbed the stairs at the back of the cave. As I climbed to the top of the stairs I saw some generals overlooking this great army at the top of this mountain. As these generals were looking over the edge they were looking for something to empower the soldiers under their commands. That is when I realized the environment the Lord wanted me to build was that something.

Ever since that time the Lord has sent me on a journey with clear instructions to build this environment. This blog, our social networking site, and our new webcast are all a part of this environment designed to empower the solders in the valley.

You want to know something. Both you and I are soldiers in the valley. We need to be empowered in our time just to make it through. We must understand we have what someone is in desperate need in this difficult hour. As well as realize someone around us has what we need too. We just need the environment where we can freely share our gifts and abilities without being taken advantage of. And that environment is found at

The truth is is not fully implemented; it is under construction and need your help to develop the tools and resources we need at a time like this. Think of it like a partnership, it is your opportunity to create the environment that you dreamed of.

To help us out please write your suggestions in the comment section at the bottom of this post. All your suggestions will be taken into consideration by our management team and the best ones will be implemented.

As I end this post I want to again thank everyone for reading and participating in the blog. I want you to know your time and all your comments are important to me. I look forward to working with everyone to build the environment for our families.

Please remember look for our Keys to Restoring America webcast and please join our site to participate in and find tools and resources you need for this our time.

In closing, I want to make a clear statement. These are just my thoughts and opinions I am just a concerned America, a Christian, who loves this nation and wants to see its glory restored.

If you found this blog to be of interest to you, or if you have an opinion, please reply with your thoughts and send it to everyone you know, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Thanks and God Bless

Jimmy Smith Jr.


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