Keys To Restore Our Communities


Coming in 2016

Keys to Restore Your Communities is a 1 book and 1 Journal series.

restore your families


Understanding America’s
Eternal End-time Purpose and the Keys to Restoring Her


The forth book “Understanding God’s Kingdom on Earth Through the Eyes of Biblical Family Relationships” reveals the second group of keys (4th and 5th). These keys explain the purpose, design, and God’s intent for the biblical family. These keys give detail step by step instructions on why each member of the family is critical to experiencing God’s way of life on this earth, and why repairing the biblical family is the only way to revealing His way to others. The fourth informational key, “God’s Uses the Biblical Family as Our Spiritual Roadmap for Our Spiritual Journey,” reveals why the Lord designed the biblical family as our spiritual roadmap to His Kingdom; and how it is used show us the path to our destiny. This key defines what the biblical family is; why it was created; and how God designed all aspects of biblical family relationships after His hidden Church. The fifth informational key, “God Designed the Biblical Family to Allow Mankind to Grow in Spiritual Maturity,” reveals the major hidden processes the Lord uses to help mankind experience and mature in kingdom relationships..


My Community Journal

Helping Rebuild America One Family at a Time


Today America is in an Economic Downturn it has not seen in over 70 years. Its families broken, its citizens jobless and loosing hope, what is the Answer? What is to become of America and what is her purpose? Will she be destroyed from within? The first four books build a foundation to this last one in this series. This book uses this foundation to reveal America’s end-time purpose and God’s answer to restore her back to His Original Purpose.
• Learn why God has blessed America from its inception
• Learn what mad America a super power
• Learn how the America’s spiritual deception has caused its calamity
• Learn the main attack of America’s true enemy
• Learn how to identify and connect community organizations that fulfill your needs



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