Keys to Restore Our Souls


Keys to Restore Your Soul is a 3 book and 1 Journal series That Restores Your Soul


restore your sul


Understanding God’s Kingdom


Understanding God’s Kingdom is the 1st step in restoring any nation, and America is no exception. America was built upon principles of faith, family and hard work. Unless it returns back to these principles it faces tough times ahead. This book is a must read for everyone who is concerned about their loved ones. This first foundational book of Keys to Restoring America Series, unveils five hidden keys that when used properly brings the hidden mysteries of God’s kingdom out into the open. It gives you the foundation you need to understand why God made the heaven and earth; how God designed it; how God’s kingdom operates; why you are here on this earth; what is your purpose; and much, much more.

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God’s Kingdom Before Mankind


* What was the Kingdom of God like before Mankind? * What was a typical day like as citizens of His Kingdom went about their work? * What was caused so much chaos and devastation it destroyed heaven and earth? * Where does selfishness and unconditional love come from? This second foundational book in the Keys to Restoring America Series, not only covers these question in detail, it reveals the two natures at war in each of us. As you begin to understand the origins and characteristics of these natures, you will begin to understand yourself and why do the things you do. This book unveils the mysteries about what happened in God?s kingdom before mankind was ever created. It introduces the true opponents for your soul. Understanding these opponents will help you begin to understand the war within yourself

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God’s Plan of Salvation


Have you ever wanted God to explain the mysteries of His Kingdom? Have you ever wanted to know how God made this world, why it works the way it does, and why you are here? Have you ever wanted to know the true purpose of so much pain and suffering in this world? Have you ever wondered why God placed Satan in this world in the first place if He knew the trouble Satan would cause? Have you ever wanted to know what true salvation is? What you are saved from, or saved to? Answers to these questions and more are in this book. It is a must read. The answers are given in such simplicity; it is like God Himself giving you the answers. As you read this book you will experience God on a whole new level. This book unveils God’s step-by-step plan to help you win the war of selfishness within your soul once and for all.

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My Salvation Journey To Salvation


This companion journal helps the reader re-enforce the information they learned in the 1st set of books that cover personal salvation. As you journal your salvation journey you will become more intimate with God, and gain a better understanding of yourself. It is designed first for the individual, and then for small intimate groups like cell groups or families, to help them understand God?s true plan of salvation for their lives.

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