Mr. Carlo Puller


Co-Founder – Tri-Union Development Inc.   – Vice President – Life Center Director / Community Development

Mr. Carlo Puller’s passion is to see people developed into all they could be. The passion to see people living up to their full potential has led Mr. Puller’s into teaching a Discipleship course to many people in his community.

Over the last 25+ year Mr. Puller has worked in many successful business adventures, from franchising opportunities to real estate projects. Mr. Puller founded and operated a successful multi-million dollar flooring business for over 20 + years.

Mr. Puller is currently the founder and CEO of Tri-Unity Development Inc. An up and coming company that specializes in real estate renovations with a emphasis on community housing. This focus started because of Mr. Puller’s experiences with several high-profile community building projects. Anyone who meets Mr. Puller will hear him say “Change the Environment; Change the Person”. This passion has led Mr. Puller to developing an environment that creates success.

That environment is housed in TYMSNOW’s Life Centers. These Life Centers act as resource centers that provide services that help individuals who want a better life. These services include educational, personal, leadership, and economic development systems; that allow people to leverage their God Given talents to obtain a better life for themselves and their families.

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